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To instill biblical principles in student's lives that they might impact their world for Christ.  By providing thorough Christian training in academics, fine arts and athletics we equip the students with character and skills to be successful for God's service.

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Dear Parents and Friends of LCS:

Yesterday, August 25, I opened the elementary school's doors at seven o'clock for Monday's classes to start.  The water was already over an inch in areas of the lobby.  The water was flowing from a line that had been connected to the sink in a mop room near the library.  Judging from the amount of water in the halls, library, and classrooms it would seem that the leak started several hours before on Sunday night.  We began cleanup immediately and several parents were good helpers.  Because of the time element, mopping alone was not going to repair the more critical water damage.

Our insurance agent and a professional restoration company were on the scene within a very short time.  The crew cleaning and repairing are working and clearing.  A temporary dumpster is situated at one end of the building.  Drying equipment is going day and night.

For all of the construction noise, our elementary building is still too quiet.  We miss the sounds of children.   While middle and high school students have been here both days, our elementary building has been in the process of repair with empty classrooms and silent hallways.

If all goes well we hope that the classrooms will be available for use by Tuesday, September 2.   Some reconstruction will continue after hours and on the weekend and we hope that classes will soon be possible.  Please pray that the work will go smoothly.

We are planning to extend the elementary school day by thirty minutes each day until our absences are covered.

Thank all of you for your patience.  This is a definite first for our school and it is with great reluctance that classes have been postponed.  Your kindness and understanding have made this problem bearable for the teachers and staff.  Several parents have approached me offering financial assistance for the extensive repairs.  Our insurance company is working with us to meet the requirements of the present problem.

As many of you know, our elementary building was our first building twenty years ago.  At this time, the school is in the midst of raising a substantial down payment for a new elementary building.  The plans accepted by the LCS Board are exciting and will more than fill the needs of our immediate future.  All financial support for the new building will be an investment that will go far beyond the present temporary problems.

Thank you.

Stephen Coble

Administrator LCS

 A Word from Dr. Coble 

Dear LCS Family,

This year is shaping up to be a very exciting one for all of us at Lee Christian School.  New students and families will join with folks with long-standing ties to begin our twenty first year.  The last four years have seen more and more demand in all of the grades for rooms that do not exist.  In the academic area, LCS graduates have added more colleges and universities to a very long list.

This past year has seen the growth of a strong sports program that has equally encouraged academic prowess with athletic ability.  An especially revitalized boosters' club helped push an expanding sport's program.  A strong tight-knit parent-teacher fellowship did  much to raise the morale of teachers.   An energetic developement officer and her staff added needed funds to the school's budget.  Generous contributions, both financial and material, came from individuals and businesses in the area.

With a remarkable collaboration of effort, teachers and students managed to finish the year well.  IOWA testing from the spring of 2014 continued to validate the educational program and curriculum at LCS.  The national percentile averages for LCS students place the school in the top 25% of the nation.  Teachers and staff are still preparing for the accreditation visit of the Association of Christian Schools International team scheduled in the spring of 2015.  And still there is more.

During the 2013 - 2014 school year, the LCS Board of Directors approved the establishment of a building fund for a new elementary school building.  Fundraising for this has gone on during the past year and new and old friends from the community have already contributed.  The need is there; our first building is composed of modular units about twenty years old.  It is time for a new structure to care of the present needs and make room for future plans.  Drawings and ideas for the new building are continuing to be reviewed by the board and excitement is increasing about the new possibilities the coming years may hold for the ministry of LCS.

We look forward to seeing all of you during the year.  Your prayers and support are needed as we meet the new challenges.  We hope that you will take part in the great adventure of the 2014-2015 school year.  May God bless you.

Yours truly,
Stephen Coble
School Administrator

 Lee Christian News 

Lee Christian School has several ways to show your school spirit.  All of the following school spirit items can be purchased at the school office or you can see Pam Smith - K4 teacher.

5.75" Vehicle Magnets

Red & Black

$10.00 each

4" Vehicle Window Decal 


$5.00 each

Student Friday Shirts

Only available in Red

$15.00 each

 Lee Christian Athletics Booster Club Information

  • Plan to support the 1st Annual LCS Booster Club Golf Tournament.  The event will take place on Saturday, 9/20/14 at the Sanford Golf Course.  Funds from this event will go to support LCS Athletics. Please visit the Booster Club page that can be found under the Athletics tab above.  More details and sponsorship information can be found there.

Sports information can be found on the Lee Christian School Athletic website at


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Students may wear polo shirts in any color except green or yellow/gold.  Pants must be loose fitting! Even though students wore pleated pants last year, some wore them entirely too tight.  The Uniform Committee emphasizes "loose fitting" more than them being pleated!  They will be checking closely to see if there is compliance.  Students may be sent home if not appropriately dressed according to dress code.

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